Internationally renowned speaker and advisor to CEOs around the globe, Todd Sears speaks to leadership in inclusion alongside global trends & lessons learned.

Todd Sears has been bought out to Australia to present this keynote by HSBC Australia.

Making your business intersex-friendly can be very different to supporting same-sex attracted, transgender or gender diverse people. It means changing your language and frame of reference. This session will introduce key themes and research on intersex people in the workplace.

What does it look like? How does it impact on decisions that are made about members of the LGBTI community? And
what can we do about it?

Delegates to choose one of the below discussion breakout sessions
SESSION 33: HIV in the Workplace, ACON
SESSION 34: Understanding Intersection – LGBTI and Other Diversities, Pride in Diversity
SESSION 35: Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces for All, beyondblue
SESSION 36: Rainbow Tick Australia and New Zealand, ACON Consulting & Training & Rainbow Tick NZ

Delegates to choose one of the below discussion breakout sessions
SESSION 37: Moving Beyond ‘We’re Here, We’re Queer’: Law Firm Engagement in LGBTI Issues – An Executive Sponsor’s Perspective , Allens
SESSION 38: The Inevitable Successes and Challenges of Transitioning in the Workplace, JoAnna Ferrari
SESSION 39: Social Theory Identity, Paul Martin
SESSION 40: Using Diversity to Create High Performing Teams, EY

Paul Zahra, former CEO of David Jones will lead a thought provoking panel of CEO’s as they discuss their return from the first Australian CEO Roundtable on LGBTI Inclusion, taking place here at the conference behind the scenes. The CEO’s participating on the panel are:

– Luke Sayers, PwC
– Todd Sears, Out Leadership
– Jennifer Williams, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

This is a great opportunity to step into the minds of Australia’s leaders along with this years International Guest Speaker, Todd Sears from Out Leadership in the USA, advisor and mentor to over 100 CEO’s globally in the area of LGBTI inclusion.

Join us for what may well turn out to be the most controversial, enlightening and thought provoking session of the conference as we delve deep into the world of gender.  We’ll talk about the change of workplace experience when one transitions from one gender expression to another in addition to the challenges faced by those who do not identify as either gender, both genders or Agenda. What does this mean for employers and how do we best support all of our gender diverse employees.  We promise you that this session will provide you with a greater understanding of gender diversity with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.