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11:10am Breakout Sessions

In this session, Darryl O’Donnell will share the historical context of HIV, key issues and approaches to managing HIV in the workplace

This session will cover:

  • An overview of HIV 30 years into the epidemic
  • Emerging opportunities to reduce the transmission of HIV
  • Partnership and multi-sectoral approaches to HIV
  • Key issues and approaches to managing HIV in the workplace
  • Examples of good practice responding to and managing HIV in the workplace

We all know diversity takes many forms. In this session, we explore intersectionality with a particular focus on the unique challenges faced by people who both identify as LGBTI and also come from a culturally diverse background. The considerations we explore in this session will filter into disclosure sensitivities for HR and the delicate nature of shifting to an all-inclusive culture for allies and senior leaders.

Heads Up is an initiative developed by beyondblue in collaboration with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, a tri-partite collaboration between business, government and the mental health sector. Heads Up highlights the benefits of creating mentally healthy workplaces and assists individuals and organisations to take action. In this session you will be given a guided tour of the Heads Up website to introduce you to the free tools and resources available to assist you to create a mentally healthy workplace, take care of yourself at work and support others in your workplace.

This session will explore the differences between Rainbow Tick Australia and Rainbow Tick New Zealand and the role of accreditation alongside workplace inclusion programs.

Michael Stevens from Rainbow Tick New Zealand workplace inclusion program, will share an overview of their structure of inclusive practice within the workplace, and their LGBTI employee networks.

Ross Wetherbee from Pride in Diversity explains the comparison between these 2 trans-Tasman workplace programs.

Vicky Coumbe from ACON’s Training and Consultancy will give an over of Australia’s Rainbow Tick, the new national LGBTI inclusion accreditation, exploring where it can complement with workplace inclusion programs.

12:15pm Breakout Sessions

Rachel Nicolson, Allens partner, former board member and executive sponsor of ALLin, the firm’s LGBTI employee network, will talk about the journey that ALLin has taken from its inception in 2011 to its joint 14th place ranking on the 2015 AWEI in the firm’s first submission to the index. Rachel will consider the importance of senior executive buy-in, engagement with your client base, playing to your strengths and focussing on what’s important – and how a law firm has sought to engage its employee network, its profile and its professional expertise to make a tangible difference in the LGBTI space.

Join the incredibly inspirational JoAnna Ferarri in a discussion about transition like you’ve never heard it before. In this refreshingly open dialogue, Jo Anna will share her own experience, successes and challenges, while inviting us to expand our thinking; as together we explore this aspect of diversity as a catalyst of change in creating a more inclusive environment for all in the workplace today.

Unconscious bias awareness enables us to more fully accept and better manager our human response to difference.   Other frameworks and theories such as Social Identity Theory also provide clarity regarding the human condition and further deepens our awareness of what causes us to treat others who are different as being inferior or in a negative way.   This presentation provides delegates with insights into the fascinating history of where this theory came from, a clear understanding of its meaning and how it can be applied in diversity and inclusion programs in organisations.

The ability of an organisation to create a well-led and diverse team that respects and values differences will be a competitive advantage to winning in the marketplace. LGBTI inclusion and awareness propels teams to a higher level of performance.
High performing teams are both diverse and inclusive, fully using team members’ different skills, experiences and perspectives to generate ideas relevant to the organisations vision and goals.

EY Australia has leveraged the power of various external high performing teams, such as the Sydney Convicts (the Sydney gay rugby team) to generate innovation through collective viewpoints and experiences. Walk away from this session with tips on leading and managing diverse high performing teams.