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2020 Pride in Practice Conference

Request for Abstracts are now open

The 10th annual Pride in Practice conference will be held on the 30th of November – 2nd of December 2020. To accommodate for the current COVID-19 situation, this year we will be hosting a complete online event.

Through our programs Pride in Diversity and Pride in Health + Wellbeing our intent is to shine the spotlight on best practice and thought leadership that highlight the long-term benefits and value of Diversity & Inclusion.

This year’s key themes, along with some examples, will be:

  • The impact of diversity and inclusion on overall culture and organisational effectiveness;
  • The Impacts of Covid-19 on our LGBTQ employees’ health and wellbeing and the effects of working remotely;
  • Intersectionality: What does it mean for people in the workplace who have multiple community identities?
    • Stories from LGBTQ, CALD and/or people of faith.
  • Taking the LGBTQ conversation to all parts of the workforce: regional, remote and international;
    • How to bring awareness to and engage staff in regional and remote parts of Australia where diversity may be underrepresented?
    • In countries where being LGBTQ is illegal, how can we safely promote LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion and provide support to team members in our international offices?
  • The Important Role of Allies in LGBTQ Inclusion;
  • Increasing the Visibility of LGBTQ+ Women in the Workplace;
  • Trans & Gender Diverse People: Recruitment, Gender Affirmation Policies and Procedures, and the breakdown of traditionally gendered spaces;
    • What are workplaces doing to be inclusive of Trans & Gender Diverse People in terms of bathrooms and/or changing rooms?
    • What changes have you made to your recruitment process to make it more accessible for Trans & Gender Diverse People?
  • Does a recession destroy the inclusion business case?
  • Reconciliation Action Plans: “Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in the Workplace. What can organisations do to support LGBTQ First Nations voices”?

Pride in Diversity
Pride in Diversity is seeking abstracts from our member organisations to showcase leading practice with regard to diversity and inclusion in their workplace and especially, the long term value and benefits.

Pride in Health + Wellbeing
Pride in Health + Wellbeing is seeking abstracts from leading Health + Wellbeing organisations, experts and influencers in LGBTQ inclusive service delivery. This is a great opportunity for speakers to showcase the amazing work that is being done through presenting a case study,

This year Pride in Sport will have a stand-alone conference. For more information, please visit


If your organisation has done something exceptional in the LGBTQ Inclusion space and would like to share it at our conference, we would love to hear from you. Any abstracts around the above themes and examples will increase the chances of your abstract being accepted.

In addition, please ensure you adhere to the following:

  • To adhere to social distancing, we ask that you have no more than 3 speakers in your session;
  • Your content must relate to LGBTQ Inclusion and may or may not be centred around the above themes;
  • Preference will be given to those sessions where your speakers represent our diverse communities (please refer to “Additional Information” below regarding change in speaker tickets);
  • To include voices and perspectives from more than one company, consider inviting colleagues from other organisations to join you in leading the session;
  • Be engaging and think outside the box! Be creative with your presentation. Consider whether your session will be presented as a panel, presentation, debate or another format.
  • Your session must include some key learnings or takeaways for the audience and be sure to include a few minutes at the end for Q&A;
  • Present new and relevant content. Contemplate presenting a session on something that has not previously been offered at the Pride in Practice Conference.

Where will I be presenting?

All presenters based in Sydney will be asked to meet at the Hyatt Regency Sydney (a Covid safe venue) to livestream their session, dependent on the day and time they are scheduled to present. In align with restrictions, presenters will be asked to be at the venue 30 minutes prior to their session. There will be 4 separate rooms set up, to adhere to social distancing requirements and full technical support will be present in each room.*Subject to Government Restrictions

For any presenter/s located outside of Sydney and/or unable to attend, there will be the option of pre-recording sessions or joining virtually.

More information will be provided to you upon acceptance of your abstract. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

What you need to submit

Prior to submitting your proposal online, please ensure you have the following information at hand:

  • Session title (10 word max)
  • Session Stream: Workplace Inclusion or Health and Wellbeing
  • Session Abstract: A description of what the session is about including key objectives, to be used in session description (300 word max)
  • A description to be used to introduce the session at the event (80 word max)
  • Presenter/s names, organisations, titles and email addresses*
  • Presenter/s location (i.e. Sydney, Melbourne etc.)
  • Presenter/s bios (75 words)
  • Presenter/s headshot (in hi-res only)

*To adhere to social distancing, we ask that you have no more than 3 speakers.

Additional Information

  • For each presentation, a maximum of 2 complimentary tickets will be provided for speakers to use for the day they are presenting. If your presentation includes more than 2 speakers, they will need to purchase a ticket;
  • All sessions will be recorded to allow for attendees to watch multiple sessions for up to a week after the event has concluded. Presentations are not able to be downloaded.
  • In order to accurately review your submission, please make sure you complete all sections of the application as abstracts are not editable once submitted;
  • Abstract submissions will be closed on Wednesday 26th August at 5pm. We will not accept any abstracts after this deadline.
  • If you are chosen to present a session, the presenters name and PowerPoint presentation (if you choose to include one) must be sent to Michelle Blom at by Friday 16th of October at 5pm. Any presentations sent after this deadline be accepted will not under any circumstances and you will risk running your session without a presentation;
  • All PowerPoint presentations must be submitted in 16:9 format; 

Impacts of COVID-19 to The Pride in Practice Conference

ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs together with Hyatt Regency Sydney are committed to hosting a safe environment for our speakers. We therefore ask for your cooperation when it comes to presenting at this event to adhere with social distancing and practising good hygiene.

As a COVID safe venue, some of the safety measures at the Hyatt Regency include:

  • Multiple hand sanitiser stations throughout the venue available for use;
  • Extensive cleaning continuously throughout the day including wiping down all tables and surfaces, cleaning bathrooms etc;
  • There will be a strict capacity of attendees in each room and speakers will be spread out to adhere to social distancing rules;
  • Should any person show signs of being unwell or have a high temperature, they will not be allowed to enter the venue and will be provided details on accessing the nearest hospital. If you are feeling unwell you should stay at home. For this reason, we ask that you please consider a back up speaker for your presentation in case you are unable to present.

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